Studio Mini Sessions

I’ve been photographing weddings for almost 6 years now, and I have met so many amazing people along the way. With the age of social media, I am able to keep up with them, and them with me, which is the best (big thanks to the people at Instagram and to Mark Zuckerburg). It’s amazing to see everyone’s stories unfold after year after year, with houses bought, puppies adopted, and families expanded.

So, for a while, I’ve wanted to thank past clients for their support, as well as catch up with them and have a chance to continue telling their story. This year, I was able to set aside a day and coordinate a mini-session extravaganza to gift some past clients with a set of photos. I was totally blown away by the response to this giveaway – not only did I get a ton of emails, but I had so many people travel to the city from the far suburbs, and one special family even came from out of state. It was so humbling.

I now hope everyone I’ve ever worked with comes into the studio for hugs and pictures sometime, because these few sessions were truly magical.

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