At HomeThe Janes Family

I was so excited to meet Aria on the day of this session. This wasn’t just a random shoot, you see… mom Kristen is the owner of Kio Kreations, one of my most favorite wedding florists. So, knowing Kristen and her ability to make pretty things, I knew Aria was going to be adorable. I absolutely right. She is a charmer, and is such a good baby (barely any tears in almost two hours!). Kristen and Matt, you guys struck the baby jackpot. Cute AND well-behaved?! Amazing.

On a personal side note, it’s so fun to document families in a casual, laid-back way like this. I love that we essentially hung out for a few hours while Kristen and Matt cuddled with Aria. Also, I’ve been wanting to do an all black and white post for a while, but I wanted just the right set. For some reason, I absolutely adore photos of babies in monochrome, so here we are.

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